Monday, May 23, 2011


well, hey! just a short update
(yes, i am extremely guilty of not giving a proper update despite my 2 month absence :P )

so it was youth yesterday
Li Ann baked raspberry with wasabi scones for Nic Chong, Grace Lee and Jeremy TWK (which actually tasted good)
that was the prank
the real birthday cake was baked by Cheryl (and Joanna too? i think) which was yum!

bass class
learnt Rainbow - Hillsong Kids
it's killing my fingers!
(khoo chong lay, sorry for making you angry ): )

was feeling extremely tired at school
i am supposed to be sleeping! not typing an update here!
but i just felt like it :)

oh, i'll be going for BRATs
more on that another time(or never)
good bye all!

oh! yeah!
A+ for Science - 93%
God is good, all the time!
i never really got A for my Science during form 2 and 3
God is so super really very infinitely duper intelligent, that when i asked Him to help me, he gave me a LITTLE bit of His intelligence to me, which is a HUGE chunk to me :)
God is great and mighty!
i just cannot describe to you how cool He is!
but you get me! :)

passed History too!
tell me how cool is that?
not really cool
but how cool is God?

all glory to You, God
cause You deserve it all!
it's all because of You that i am blessed! (:

God bless!

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