Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy! TEEHEE!

hello, good morning, how you do?
what makes your rising sun so new?

why am i happy?
  1. i have a nice comment for my previous post! (yes, i like comments on my blog posts. but no, that doesn't mean i want a comment for every single post.)
  2. i screwed up yesterday morning but God reminded me of how awesome He is, and how unawesome i am! :D
  3. SOMEONE IS BACKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! :D :D :D :D (i felt like crying when i saw him!!)
  4. bass class was fun!!!!!! :DDD
  5. skipped school today! yay!
was supposed to post this up yesterday, but yeah, had homework to do and i was really tired.

anyway, here comes the emo side of the post!
bear with me! (i'm not as emo as some people, don't worry!)

i'm just confused
i don't understand why it's so hard to detach
if you didn't know, there was three people after that
but you don't know how much i don't want anyone anymore
i don't trust my feelings anymore
it's like, i know that it will go away
i know that it isn't worth thinking about, even
but why can't i just push it aside and live my life?
why can't i just do what i should?

kiss me goodbye, i'm defying gravity
and you won't bring me down

God bless!

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