Monday, July 4, 2011

Cause Regrets Are All That Fills My Mind?

at one point i said to myself, "this is worth trying! this is the one thing i know i won't regret trying. this is the one thing that i'll regret NOT trying to do"

okay, well that point is over.
i regret doing it
why do i even try?!
is it getting too obvious?
why am i doing what i'm doing?
why do i even try?
why do i care?
why does my heart heave a sigh?
why does my heart feels like it has dropped to the depths of the sea?
why does my heart feel so heavy just thinking about it?

i don't even know what to feel.

should i just give in?
should i just let it go?


this is probably the saddest week of the year

what a way to start the second half of the year
saying goodbye?
hmm, saying goodbye reminds me! i need to post up the story i wrote for my mid-year exam!..
that's beside the point!
anyway, the second half of the year greeted me with goodbyes
don't know how i'll let go of the friends i practically grew up with
don't know how i'll let go

God bless!

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