Monday, August 22, 2011

Poetical much. . . #4

22 August

(i realize that i do this mostly when i'm emo... =P)
occasionally, i feel like jumping out a window.
occasionally, i feel like trying to fly off a building.
occasionally, i just don't want to live anymore.

that's when times get tough.
that's when people around me fail.
that's when i, ultimately fail.

i don't know why these stuff happens
i don't know exactly why we all suffer
what i know,
is i find ALL i need in His unending Love,
in His unfailing love.

i feel so at peace when i think of You, God.

i'm giving it all away, away! i'm giving it all to go Your way! (:

You're all i want! Help me know You are near!


i miss him... but maybe i don't.


#thatawkwardmoment when i'm gonna (finally) write my goals!

Short term :
  1. FOR END YEAR : Get minimum of 6 A-s
  2. Save RM 100 for short mission trip?
  3. Go to library weekly starting in Sept.
  4. FOR END YEAR : No failing!

performance at JJ did NOT go well, IMO
but oh well, it's over! YAY!

okay, good bye!

God bless! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


it would be a great deal if my parents were to not attend any of my performances (and i don't know why)

it would also mean a great deal if they were to come and just watch (and i still don't know why)

it was a great deal when my mum told me they would both attend my school's Speech Day

it was also a great deal when my mum said she might not attend it the night before

it meant so much to actually see both of them turn up

it feels good to know they are just there...



just the fact that you were online made me smile :)

but still,

feeling a little off

yeah, the mood's a little off

God has been good, don't get me wrong

i mean seriously lah, when hasn't He been good?

i don't know what's up with me
or maybe i do

sounds like it's coming to me
the illness

God, i look to You.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Milo Fuze

exams are over! YAY!

but there's still so much to do!
the performance is approximately 7 days and 7 hours away!
we came up with a new repertoire, different from the Speech Day one
with only one week left,
we're keeping our hopes unbroken

if we do succeed in pulling it off,
it'll be the bomb! :D
but yeah, even if we don't,
it's alright :) experience :)

gotta go!
will be back to tell you more!
(yes, i do realize that's it's terrible of me to leave you all hanging. lol)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eh, Hey! What's Up, Man?!

well, ain't it kind of me to be back informing you on the highlights of my life when exams are just one week away?!

well okay, here's the books i got from Scholastic (the Romeo & Juliet Code was from the last time)

this are the first books i got. Small Steps was the bomb!

okay, so David came back from US and is leaving on Friday back to Papua
so we had our last lunch/tea with him. it was fun :)
(it was quite sad at the same time since we said our last goodbyes ): but not forever lah)
here, the group picture of those who went to Secret Recipe
(yes, i feel bad for not taking a group picture with the rest who were at Rachel Ong's house! felt very syok sendiri :P hehe)

okay, gotta go. won't be here for about two weeks plus! self grounding!
hopefully this time it works like the other times! :)

oh, and i have to say!
God is amazing
i am amazed
i am continually going to be amazed
just watch me in amazement....
no, i meant, watch me be amazed.....
ah, never mind.
point is, GOD IS AWE-SOME!

Oh God, You are my God and i will ever praise You

God bless! (: