Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eh, Hey! What's Up, Man?!

well, ain't it kind of me to be back informing you on the highlights of my life when exams are just one week away?!

well okay, here's the books i got from Scholastic (the Romeo & Juliet Code was from the last time)

this are the first books i got. Small Steps was the bomb!

okay, so David came back from US and is leaving on Friday back to Papua
so we had our last lunch/tea with him. it was fun :)
(it was quite sad at the same time since we said our last goodbyes ): but not forever lah)
here, the group picture of those who went to Secret Recipe
(yes, i feel bad for not taking a group picture with the rest who were at Rachel Ong's house! felt very syok sendiri :P hehe)

okay, gotta go. won't be here for about two weeks plus! self grounding!
hopefully this time it works like the other times! :)

oh, and i have to say!
God is amazing
i am amazed
i am continually going to be amazed
just watch me in amazement....
no, i meant, watch me be amazed.....
ah, never mind.
point is, GOD IS AWE-SOME!

Oh God, You are my God and i will ever praise You

God bless! (:

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