Monday, August 22, 2011

Poetical much. . . #4

22 August

(i realize that i do this mostly when i'm emo... =P)
occasionally, i feel like jumping out a window.
occasionally, i feel like trying to fly off a building.
occasionally, i just don't want to live anymore.

that's when times get tough.
that's when people around me fail.
that's when i, ultimately fail.

i don't know why these stuff happens
i don't know exactly why we all suffer
what i know,
is i find ALL i need in His unending Love,
in His unfailing love.

i feel so at peace when i think of You, God.

i'm giving it all away, away! i'm giving it all to go Your way! (:

You're all i want! Help me know You are near!


i miss him... but maybe i don't.


#thatawkwardmoment when i'm gonna (finally) write my goals!

Short term :
  1. FOR END YEAR : Get minimum of 6 A-s
  2. Save RM 100 for short mission trip?
  3. Go to library weekly starting in Sept.
  4. FOR END YEAR : No failing!

performance at JJ did NOT go well, IMO
but oh well, it's over! YAY!

okay, good bye!

God bless! :)

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