Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Cheongsam by Michelle Leong equals Happy Emo Emo

so much to tell you about, so little time.

well, the 'more important updates' are:...
okay fine, on second thought, i'd be nice to you since you won't be hearing from me for some time.

well, 23rd of August!
mom's birthday
i love her
wrote her a note that said,
"happy birthday, mummy! you *draws a rock my *draws the earth"
(it reads "you rock my world" if you still don't get it)
she started telling her friends on facebook.

24th of August
Siew Viann's birthday.
crashed her house once. crashed her house twice. :))))

26th of August
went to school since there was Moral Drama.
we didn't do that well.
everything was a mess, but hey, we tried! :)

started doing some of my holiday homework.
felt like a productive day. heh.
marked the start of my holidays that afternoon!
wheee, wheee, wheeeee, so excited! :D

27th August
worship practice for MYF at 10am-12pm
art class at 2pm-4pm
worship practice @ VCC at 4pm-5.45pm
Viann's house for Serene's farewell at 5.45pm-around 11.45pm
Fooh Singh(was that the name? lol) for the last supper with Serene, Joanne, Viann, Phil and Khian Lim until 12.45am

28th August
church at 9am-12.15pm (didn't get to stay for potbless ): sigh)
worship practice at MYF from 12.30pm-3pm
MYF 3pm-6.15pm
some newborn baby dinner of a cousin 7pm-9.30pm

29th August
went to Viann's house for fun and to play Monopoly Deal(2nd day in a row) from 2pm-5.15pm
dinner with Khalee, Leena, and Carmen at 5.15pm-7pm
walked around Jusco with Khalee and Carmen from 7pm-8.30pm (they claimed that whenever you go in a shop with me, you don't get out for quite some time! :P)

30th August
watched Cars 2 with Abel and Joanne at 10.40am-12.30pm
impromptu lunch plans. called Khoo Chong Lay and Viann! at Lee's(formerly known as Lee's Burgers) 12.45pm-around 2.45pm
Jusco with them.
played Monopoly Deal at KFC(3rd day in a row)
went back home at like 5

LOL i am a terrible fail.
i'm so sorry for not posting this on time or even finishing it! :P

i'll be back one day. good bye! :)


Boon Hean Yeap said...

Hey Constance.
Nice blog you have here.

I didn't understand this post of yours regarding the "The Black Cheongsam". Was there a review that you wrote?


Constance Chi said...

hi! nope, it's not a review. sorry for the misleading title! this was back when i blog about my daily life and the events. i just happened to stumble upon the book, so i just used it as a title