Monday, October 31, 2011

I Hear Singing! The Choirs, It Must Be! :)

*the poem i wrote on the way to Cameron Highlands and at Camerons! :)

(it's not really a poem. so yeah. forgive me! :P )

i'll guarantee a life
if i were God,
if i could be the Giver of Life.
to have in return,
some of your attention,
some care & affection.

but that i cannot do,
but there is One who will,
who has already done so too,
it's just for you to choose.

the darker it is, the brighter the light.


okay, well, sorry for not updating. i had lots to say, i just didn't know how to!.. or maybe i just wasn't determined enough. haha.

well yes, EXAMS ARE OVER!


okay, so i'll try to keep my post as organized as possible, but i know i'll fail. so just bear with me :P

okay well, God has been amazing.
i mean, when has He not been? maybe when we weren't looking, but He's still amazing!

so the littlest things count!

today, when i was doing my Science paper one,
i just went through it lah
i usually check another once through and i won't care about the paper anymore cause i hate being in a dilemma whether or not to change my answer
but yeah,
today i checked it another time through,
and i could see the mistakes that i made and i corrected them
i mean,
God helped me!!

okay, i think you get it already :)
anyway, my teacher said i passed History!
yay! to God be the glory, ALWAYS!
i cannot explain to you how God has helped me, cause it's so amazing how God helps me!

people say i'm smart
naturally and all those stuff
really, i don't think so
it's God helping me
without God, i don't think i'd be able to do anything
i am helpless
i am worthless
without God
and that is truth
that is not self pity
that is because God is my everything! :)

okay, whether or not you got my point, i don't know.
but yes,
again and again
i am continually being amazed by God's AMAZING LOVE!

God bless!

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