Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poetical much. . . #6

i am here, on my own
reading a book, a letter
& yes i wonder,
what is a life in the gutters

because i've been reading
about it, that i wonder
how to seek the lost,
how to find a soul,
how to save a life,
how to tell a story untold.

no, this poem doesn't really mean anything.
just felt so inspired reading,
that i just had to write something.

keep your heads held high,
cause you don't know when you might see another rainbow (:
God bless you!


sometimes, i feel ashamed of what i've done,
i cannot stand looking back,
so i sit and cringe at the thought.

sometimes i sit back and think,
'what if?', 'maybe?', 'one day, probably?'
so instead, i sit back wishing.

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