Tuesday, November 1, 2011


i'm back here more often than i thought i'd be! :P

well just one thought,

as an idealist,
as an over-optimist,
as one who tends to set foot on the clouds more than on the ground,
we need friends who will pull us back down
we need friends who will hold out their hands so we can jump down and have something to hold on to
we need friends who are willing to kill that idiotic "the world isn't flat, the world isn't round, the world is HEART SHAPED!" bubble of ours
we need friends who are gonna set your feet on the ground again
because the world isn't heart shaped,
it's round, it's cruel
how else are we gonna break out alive if we don't step on the ground?

friends are a gift from God
we're all different
so we need others to help us with parts we aren't good at, that they're good at


okay, that was just a random thought
very grateful for friends like that
somehow i am very fond of people who dare break my idiotic bubble of hope...
no, no, i am not implying there is anything wrong in hope!
hope is a beautiful thing and is necessary for us to continue living in joy!
but having the wrong idea and having so much hope will very much lead us to a fall or something....

opinions may differ,
ideas may clash
whatever it is, i have said what i thought about,
an achievement that is!
i hope you'll be able to see more of this!
to God be all the glory for the inspiration! :)


okay, daily updates:
school was taxing today
my brain was so crunched up,
but i am always able to find rest in God and God alone! :)

i am so thankful for all He has given to me.
thank You God, for all You've done
for Your grace and mercy
and Your blessings and gifts!

i'm giving it all away, away
i'm giving it all to go Your way!

God bless!

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Nat Tan said...

RAAWRRRRRRRR. I wanted to leave this note earlier, but you had no chatbox.

<3, Squirrel. (: