Saturday, December 31, 2011


it was never the same without you
so another year has gone by

Didn't want a year without you
But somehow I've lived through another one

so yeah. this blog will never be the same. as usual, as people grow older, they start abandoning their blogs...
or is it just my circle of friends? :P

i'll come back,
i will
when i have a poem or two
when i have a thought or two
when i have nothing to do
but sometimes i just may not
so you'll have to ignore me. :)

i'll try my best to study hard this year.
it's the last year, anyway (unless i decide to do form 6, which is quite unlikely)

i'll try my best to stop being so emotionally attached to everything.

i'll try to let go.

so i see the bright light already
all i have to do is climb up to it
climb to it in hope, never looking back
looking toward the One who saves
to the One who will be my strength :)

Fruitcakes (New Year's Eve's Eve)

so i think apart from all the emo-ness
you've got to agree that i was crazy tonight
all the love i'm feeling from the air
seriously, .....................................
*blanks out too lazy to continue.
i think i'm high
i don't know why

Thursday, December 29, 2011

i am lost, i am vain
i will never be the same without you,
without you

i'd fold so many hearts
hearts out of paper
and one day i'd present it to you
i'd present it to you because it means something
it means that i think of you
i think of you when i'm bored
and i'm only happy when i love you

i'd show you my favourite poem
the one that i wrote
i'm sorry if it's not for you
i'm sorry i've loved someone else
but my past is over
my past is gone
you accepted my past
and that's why i show you,
show you my favouritest things

i listen to Katy Perry's emo song
i listen to Owl City's Vanilla Twilight
and i think of the times i failed
i think of the times i was being naive
because i think i can get away with it
i think i can get away with love

along the lines i've learnt
not through personal experience
i've learnt through what i see
what i hear
what they tell me
i've learnt that love is a commitment
love isn't just a feeling
it's not what you leave by the street just cause you're finally sick of it
it's a tattoo that can never be removed,
and you've got to be able to carry it

i've learnt that love is not only what you want
in fact, it's never about what you want


typing this out, i was thinking of someone.
but no, i'm not in love. never been in love. i just see what love is, and i'll embrace it when it comes. love is waiting, but love needs not be rushed. love will wait. :)

so i just felt like giving you a post. sorry if i'm #foreveremo HAHAHAHAH, if you get me. ._.


sometimes i'm too afraid
i'm too afraid to strive
i'm too afraid to fight
i'm too afraid to fight for us to happen
too afraid to fight for you

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

you were

you're never there anymore.

they say there's gonna be that one person that will be your best friend, and just that one person.
i believed that.
i believed that the one person, will be someone you can rely on
will be someone you can tell anything to
will be someone who can tell you the right thing even though it's not what you want to hear
will be someone you can have the stupidest debates with
you were that person.

but now, you're not here.
you're not even near.
but it doesn't matter.
it really doesn't matter.
whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. i will be stronger.
God, i know You're here.

though i can't feel You, i have learnt to reach out just the same