Thursday, January 12, 2012

28th November 2011

Alone in nature with the perfect breeze,
Fine, i'm actually on a balcony
The balcony of my hotel room
facing the sky,
The mountains & greens, so perfect, alike.
I hear the artificial waterfall, down below
not all natural but soothing enough
Tis' my escape, i've always adored,
away from the pace, where i come from.
Here, i watch as the cloud move by,
wondering if humans have grace alike,
oh God, how wonderful Your creation be,
oh God, how beautiful, all the abandonment i see,
I see Your power in the sky,
I see Your glory shine so bright,
I see You paint the clouds go by,
I see You paint the colours tonight.


well, i wrote that when i was in Cameron Highlands last year :)

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