Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wishlist *Updated

okay, yes i know, i know, i feel mean too for not posting anything meaningful but suddenly coming up with a wishlist.
but it's the only thing i feel like posting up right now. :D
well, i'll post up some of the thoughts i wrote in my 'thoughts & ideas' book... not some, all, as a reward for you ghosts people reading my blog. :)

so here! the wishlist!
(anyway, the links to my previous wishlists : 2010's, 2011's)

  1. Switchfoot previous albums (The Legend of Chin, New Way to Be Human, Learning to Breathe, The Beautiful Letdown, Nothing Is Sound)
  2. Switchfoot merchandise (you may refer to 2011's wishlist for links)
  3. an Arsenal jersey!
  4. ink pens, ball point pens, marker pens?
  5. oh this is quite new, left handed pens. because i just found out that ALL my pens don't like me cause i'm left-handed and the ink dries up ALL the time. go google for more info on left handed pens. :)
  6. those Vincci lime green flats/sandals/whatever you call 'em. i'm size 9! :D
  7. green t-shirts forever! well actually, any t-shirts will do. heh
  8. food! (eg. seaweed!, chocolates, potato chips, oreos, or bake me brownies/chocolate chip cookies!) you know i love food lor, don't you?
  9. hair accessories (don't know why i bother. lol)
  10. any magazines with interesting articles (cause i read really interesting articles in the Times magazine about Lionel Messi and introverts the other day. doesn't matter if it's outdated. :D    )
  11. new headphones
  12. cool bags? this is a bit risky to buy though as my taste in 'fashion' is pretty complex and unusual
  13. Owl City albums (i don't own any original Owl City albums)
  14. Owl City merchandise (check this out)
  15. anything One Direction!!! :D
  16. if you're from KL, you should get me Busco's In Search Of EP!
  17. oh, this one's an old wish. get me a Playstation 1, Suikoden, Suikoden II and Harvest Moon : Back To Nature! :D
  18. oh! you can belanja me Chatime(brown rice green milk tea with grass jelly) or Baskin Robbins!
  19. colourful handmade birthday cards are like the cutest besides handwritten letters! :)
  20. well, honestly, i'll appreciate anything you get for me even if it's just a leaf with my name on it or whatever.

well of course, i just post a wishlist up for fun.
i know i'll only get one or two items on the list, but really, i'll be happy with whatever you give me.
the most precious thing i can get is your friendship :)
so yes,
i hope everyone has a great week ahead!
stay positive cause there's always hope in God
He'll never leave, He'll never fail
so look up when you're down! :D

God bless you!

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