Saturday, March 10, 2012

Out Of My Mind

well hey,
here, an extremely unorganized post.
something is always better than nothing. heh

i thank God,
for the lessons He brought me to
then brought me through

i thank God,
for the few people He has given me
so that i can actually talk to about stuff that has been bothering me

i've been at war with myself
i don't understand why i feel the way i feel sometimes
and most of the time,
we dismiss the issue by concluding that 'it's human nature to feel so'

but really, what if there is an underlying issue causing this issue?
i mean, who would know right?
and if you dismiss the issue just like that,
you may never find out.

but then again, if you dwell on it too long,
you'll die of bitterness (figuratively speaking cause i don't think you'll die in a battle with yourself)

so let's just say you fell into a pile of mud
so you already got out of it and found out that what you fell into was a pile of mud
i guess it'd still take a long time to clean yourself out of it
and i guess you'd still ponder upon what made you fall into that pile of mud, no?

hahahahaha. okay ignore me.
i'm not trying to be poetical every time or philosophical
i just find it easier to explain myself through illustrations, though they may not get my point across most of the time. :P

anyway, there. a post for you.
and i don't like waiting for my birthday these few years just because i don't like thinking of the things my friends may do to celebrate.
what am i saying? pshhh.
good bye.
God bless you.
God has always been good, will always be. :)

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