Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Skipped School

(man, this feels good, blogging about my daily life!)

last night when i was about to sleep,
my stomach felt really uncomfortable
i felt like vomiting...
but after awhile, it felt like it was going to come out from the other side of the body instead of my mouth... if you get what i mean :P

so yea,
i woke up and went downstairs cause i really felt uncomfortable
mum asked me to sleep downstairs,
so i sat on the room chair waiting for my body to finally give in and throw up whatever it needs to throw up

after awhile it did excrete stuff.
i didn't vomit so i still felt a bit uncomfortable,
so i went online. ahahahahahha
then i okay edy, then i slept at like 2am

woke up at 6.30am cause of alarm, felt like go fever.
it's been a loooooooooooonngggg time since i had fever
so yea,
quite bad la. my fingers and toes were VERY cold
but the rest of my body was VERY hot

i went to bathe and bla bla bla
went to sleep again
woke up at 9.30am
still feeling very sick.
it goes on and on and on la.
woke up, slept back, woke up, slept back,
dad bought bubur mcD for me for lunch
and panadol actifast,
then i ate and went back to sleep
i even skipped tuition.
i finally woke up at 6 something
i'm feeling better, but my head still feels heavy.

but yea,
i'm fine i guess.
God will be my strength and my Healer! :)

God bless!

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