Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where my Emotions Fade : The Sequel

writing a blog post is subjective
others may not understand the picture you are trying to paint


i am out here alone
at least i'm surfaced
at least i do not struggle for breath

i still am swimming
trying to find some wind
to hopefully sweep past me
that i do not need to swim

that the waves may take me
where ever it may go
that the waters will give me
a chance to still float

i don't know what i am saying
i also don't know what i am feeling
it hurts
and it's cold
but there's a calmness deep in my soul

i look up to the skies again
and i feel the breeze
i am a wretch
i am in pain
i am drowning
i am in fear

but i know,
i know
He who leads me,
will never leave me
He who takes my hand,
will not let me go


in this life i will stand
through my joy and my pain
knowing there's a greater day
there's a hope that never fails


i am the sea on a moonless night,
calling, falling, slipping tides

i am the leaky, dripping pipes
the endless aching drops of light

i am the raindrop falling down,
always longing for the deeper ground

i am the broken, breaking seas
even my blood finds ways to bleed


i still do not want tomorrow to come
i want to skip my whole life

but really,
what is the point of life then if we can just skip it?
so yeah,
i am going to survive
i am going to consider it pure joy to go through this
because persevering through pain will bring perfection one day

and that my soul knows very well

i'll be okay.

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