Friday, June 22, 2012

If i Die Young

okay, so just saying,
if i die young, or if i die early,
tell my bro to search for my small green book.
it's the one that says 'thoughts and ideas' on it.
it'll either be in my school bag or something.

i've started writing some mini letters to certain people
i will continue as the days go by
i'm sorry if i didn't have the time to write you one
and if i did, that's not all that i wanna say, but words can only say so much

i have this other journal but it's best i don't disclose it's location lest someone breaks into my house to get hold of it.
just know that it has a really long red ribbon in it and if you find it, give to the person who wrote on the paper in my green book's last page(in the pouch)
sorry if this is too confusing to understand.

but don't worry, i don't think you'll need to use any of that information any time soon. i just left this post in case anything happens.
ps. oh, if i'm still very well and alive, i hope you respect my privacy and don't go steal my green book. hehehe


God has been great
He has been amazing
His love that surrounds me
His strength that sustains me

You are beautiful, God
so beautiful

God bless you! :)

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