Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunshine & Success

Success, sunshine. they associate sunshine with success.


sometimes, you don't realize the absence of something until you get it back.
then it all suddenly clicks, and you think to yourself, "oh! so that's what felt missing for the past few weeks!"

i think it's been a long time since i saw the rain


at this age, at this tender age... (no, this is no tender age. they're all probably indirectly insulting us with this sarcasm!) the itch for success is felt by the soul.
the itch for success is, in other words, the urge or desire to succeed.

and yes, honestly, i do want to be successful in the eyes of this world.

sometimes, i imagine that one day, i'd end up as a doctor. saving lives, doing good, impacting the lives of patients i treat.

other times, i imagine myself as an engineer, or a scientist. and i'd be known for building/inventing something great.

but really, what are the odds? i'm an art student.

so i imagine myself as a writer. i imagine that i'll write inspirational stuff and have it published, sell it at the cheapest price possible, giving it to the poor for free.

well sometimes, i'm more down to earth. so i imagine my future as a successful lecturer of some subject. i imagine walking in to class and being an inspiration, educating students at its best. hopefully someday ending up like Phunsukh Wangdu of '3 Idiots'.

but really, do we conform to the world's idea of success? cause what is success, really?
to you, to me, to them, it may mean something different.
to God, it means something else entirely.

so at the end of the day,
i throw away all the ideas of my imagination.
i come back to a place where i try my best to keep in my head that i want to succeed in God's eyes only.

it's like having shoes made especially for you, but instead, choosing some other shoe cause it appeals to the world.

..well, maybe that didn't make sense, but you get me. :)


I am the raindrop falling down,
Always longing for the deeper ground
I am the broken, breaking seas
Even my blood finds ways to bleed


there are points in life where you need to make big, important decisions.
those decisions are what decide your future.
but honestly, i have not lived like i want to succeed.

God bless you :)

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