Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Normal is pretty hard to come by

well i've decided to do a normal post since it's been a long time since you saw one here
and also, there's been really happening stuff happening!

okay my number one purpose of posting up this normal update
is because
i'm going to get my first original Owl City album!
and guess what? it's the latest one, The Midsummer Station! :D
and guess what? it's free!
becausseeeeee, my cool brother, Abel Chi (mind you, he's not only cool just cause he won this album for me, he has always been cool) won it for me!
he listened to the radio and texted in for me!
he didn't give up and he answered the call and yayyyy!
they're gonna mail the album to us :D

i thank God for Carmen, she told me bout Fly fm giving away the album
i thank God for Fly fm, for giving away Owl City's CD
i thank God for Abel, for helping me! :D

God is good all the time! :)

well yeah, besides that,
there's nothing much else i want to say.

so good bye! and 'til next time!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sky Dive

i'm a sky diver,
i sky dive without a cord


days like these are pretty mundane
because being tired,
being exhausted,
it numbs out all other emotions

it's not apathy,
it's just like how
kimchi soup
overpowers chinese tea
any time

that's how tiredness numbs out all other emotions
it makes you feel the pain less,
not like any other day


why do you love someone?
is it because of the flavour they gave to your days?
or do you love them because they were there when everybody else went away?

personally, i have come to love the one that was there for me,
when everyone else walked away
because the one was sent to make my burdens easier to bear
was there when all those,
who contributed to my cotton candy days,
left me at the carnival,
in the cold, cold rain

but on days i reminisce,
i remember the carnival days
when different people made me happy all day
and i'm still grateful that it was that way

but inevitably,
it is the one,
the one who walked in,
right on time
it is the one,
that you'll hold dear to your heart
because of the pain that they alleviate

but most days i'm afraid
that you'll walk away
seeing that i'm no longer afraid
that i can cope on my own, anyway

i love you the way,
i want to see you in the front pews
of my wedding day,
with your spouse

but even if it does break me,
if you were to walk away
i wouldn't fret nor say
that you never cared anyway
because, at least, there were days
when you helped alleviate the pain
but sooner or later,
you'll still be the one that got away


i wouldn't,
i would not,
let anything get in the way

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


so let my paint you a picture
one with unicorns and rainbows
cause maybe in a parallel universe,
them unicorns are saying,
"i don't believe humans exist"

because personally,
i really like Skittles
the red-packet ones,
not the green-packet ones
though, yes,
green is obviously my favourite colour

and i seriously like the song Amateur Lovers by Switchfoot
if i really would paint you a picture,
that song would be it's theme
it's about spontaneity and doing before thinking
it's exactly what i want my picture to be
love, and enjoying it
rock star-ish, and p-p-p-professional! (listen to the song to get this line)

and if the picture would have a cover for it,
i would definitely pick the album cover of All Things Bright And Beautiful by Owl City
because it is a picture of all things bright and beautiful anyway :)

because sometimes i like it
how my blog posts seem to be painting a picture for you to see
it paints a picture of what i feel
a picture of what i want to say

so today is like the sun after a crazy storm
you're so happy that the thunder decided to stop rumbling
that the lightning decided to stop blinding your eyes
that the dark clouds have seemingly disappeared
that there's a hint of the sun and it's bright

and look! there's even a rainbow!
aside from the already comforting cool breeze
from the birds singing in the sky
from the white clouds moving by

and you don't remember what it's like anymore
because you're so taken aback
at the beauty in store
and it's like God's canvas washed away,
a new picture up again,
some hope instilled again,
some sun after the rain.

God bless you :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


some days it gets messed up
i don't remember having mood swings these bad
i don't remember last night
i don't remember the good times we had

i think i'm crazy
cause sometimes,
i cannot seem to control what i feel

the shaking
trying to stop the tears from falling
i cannot

because at times like these
i don't know why i still wish
it only makes it hurt worse
it only make it less bearable

nobody bothers to understand anymore
the way things are turning out,
i'm heading for some sort of breakdown
i'm speeding toward it
and i don't even know why

i don't even remember how to let it out anymore
i don't even remember what it's like anymore
to have someone understand you
like a mother understands their child

i don't even understand anymore
i don't even try to anymore

i'm now in the ocean
i don't struggle to stay afloat,
because i'm drowning
the oxygen slowly escaping me
my lungs burning,
burning for some air to breathe

i'm crying,
but the waves slowly fights them off my cheek
they dissolve into the sea
because it is salt water as it is

i don't know why i still wish
but i do
and when i do,
i am thankful
that at least i had been able to experience it


and knowing that God, You still love me no matter how annoying,
how literally crazy,
how dramatic,
and how stupid i get.
You still love me, and i am amazed by You.