Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Normal is pretty hard to come by

well i've decided to do a normal post since it's been a long time since you saw one here
and also, there's been really happening stuff happening!

okay my number one purpose of posting up this normal update
is because
i'm going to get my first original Owl City album!
and guess what? it's the latest one, The Midsummer Station! :D
and guess what? it's free!
becausseeeeee, my cool brother, Abel Chi (mind you, he's not only cool just cause he won this album for me, he has always been cool) won it for me!
he listened to the radio and texted in for me!
he didn't give up and he answered the call and yayyyy!
they're gonna mail the album to us :D

i thank God for Carmen, she told me bout Fly fm giving away the album
i thank God for Fly fm, for giving away Owl City's CD
i thank God for Abel, for helping me! :D

God is good all the time! :)

well yeah, besides that,
there's nothing much else i want to say.

so good bye! and 'til next time!

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