Monday, September 17, 2012

Sky Dive

i'm a sky diver,
i sky dive without a cord


days like these are pretty mundane
because being tired,
being exhausted,
it numbs out all other emotions

it's not apathy,
it's just like how
kimchi soup
overpowers chinese tea
any time

that's how tiredness numbs out all other emotions
it makes you feel the pain less,
not like any other day


why do you love someone?
is it because of the flavour they gave to your days?
or do you love them because they were there when everybody else went away?

personally, i have come to love the one that was there for me,
when everyone else walked away
because the one was sent to make my burdens easier to bear
was there when all those,
who contributed to my cotton candy days,
left me at the carnival,
in the cold, cold rain

but on days i reminisce,
i remember the carnival days
when different people made me happy all day
and i'm still grateful that it was that way

but inevitably,
it is the one,
the one who walked in,
right on time
it is the one,
that you'll hold dear to your heart
because of the pain that they alleviate

but most days i'm afraid
that you'll walk away
seeing that i'm no longer afraid
that i can cope on my own, anyway

i love you the way,
i want to see you in the front pews
of my wedding day,
with your spouse

but even if it does break me,
if you were to walk away
i wouldn't fret nor say
that you never cared anyway
because, at least, there were days
when you helped alleviate the pain
but sooner or later,
you'll still be the one that got away


i wouldn't,
i would not,
let anything get in the way

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