Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Feel Again

i went to church in the morning
and as always,
God refreshes me so generously
i don't even know if that's the right word
cause His love is indescribable :)

and then i went to check if the bank was open
(hey, i was just trying my luck okay)
and it wasn't
but great news! i found a McDonald's voucher
that would cover for my lunch

so, i was in a dilemma
whether to go to Jusco or the 24-hours branch
as you know, malls on a Sunday isn't exactly a place you would like to 'drop by' and grab lunch. parking issues.
but i decided to go to Jusco since it's slightly more convenient, bar the parking issues.

okay, so let's cut the long story short,
i found a parking place
like one parking place
don't know how the other cars would have missed that,
but i'm extremely grateful
this is me, experiencing God the Provider :)
really, really.

and then there was youth!
it was Praise and Prayer today.
so we sang like 9 songs. lol
it was good. really.

and then 15 of us went to McD for dinner.
had a great laugh, a great time!

yes, i'm so happy. :D

and the last highlight of the day:
serious conversations with two friends

i am so grateful
so thankful
for the people God has blessed me with
for providing for me in times of need

God is good, all the time
and He always wants the best for us! :)

i wish you lots of rainbows and butterflies and sunshine

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