Saturday, December 1, 2012


"..and though the embers are new, whatever you do just don't let the fire die"
- Embers by Owl City


hey, SPM is over.
no, there's not much to say
though, yes, i would like to express my feelings
but as usual, i'm not sure how.


a wound that was exposed,
i thought i would heal
yes, i believe
that there's no wound He cannot heal

but sometimes i'm not sure
why i seem to hurt
cause no matter what i do
i just can't let it go

yes, the pain has been dealt with
i have already tried to learn
i am able to handle it better
but that doesn't mean it won't burn

it's like you pick at the scabs,
the scabs of the old wound
the very wound you caused
the very wound that wouldn't heal

and this battle in my mind,
are the thoughts that lead to ones
ones that were sweet because
there were people that helped be there for me

so i close my eyes,
and go back in time,
i can see you smiling,
you're so alive
we were so young
we had no fear
we were so young
we had no idea that life was just happening

i wish things were the same
that they never changed
because you would still be here
even though it really hurts

but i know
that you were sent
when i couldn't handle
it on my own

but i know
that you were taken
because if that didn't happen,
you would be all i'm holding on to

and again
i testify
that God's strength, and God's grace
has never failed me ever

He is true to His word,
that He will never leave or forsake me
and he has never
though i may be unfaithful,
He is always faithful

things happen because
God is more interested in changing our hearts
than our circumstances

circumstances are engineered in such a way
that, like gears,
it will work our hearts,
to be all He wants it to be

and i am glad,
i am glad,
that God,
You are my God.
and i will ever praise You!


i wouldn't trade it for anything, my souvenirs

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