Monday, December 24, 2012

The Mountains, The Skies, The Birds & Butterflies

hi. Youth Camp 2012, i saw pretty mountains, the trees on them. the skies so majestic, the sunlight and the clouds. the birds and butterflies, flying about. i saw some blue butterflies, some white and orange ones. a praying mantis, and just the sound of the birds chirping. i was so grateful, so grateful for the beauty of the earth, and all that is in it, is His, is His.


suddenly i can feel again
suddenly i cry
and i don't know why

God, i know You're more interested in building character in me
not taking away my circumstances
God, You help me overcome


some nights i wish that this all would end
cause i could use some friends for a change

you know my heart threatens
like a gun to the head
it threatens to break
because i'm falling to pieces

i don't know what to do
and my heart is going frantic
but i reason,
"that's the point"
the point is to not know,
so that your heart can trust
but my mind won't go

i would wish
for a long talk
so to satisfy
the questions of my heart

if i were to say
i miss you a lot
i wouldn't know
what i would be rambling about

it all seems so wrong
when i thought it was right
to finally say out the questions i kept
it felt so nice

like releasing something
you've been struggling to lockdown
for so long,
it's so long
and my heart cries
for it is in pain
it is suffocating

and i don't know
what anymore
cause when i look at the night sky,
it is disrupted by the street lights
so i wish to again,
be under the same sky
watching the same moon,
gazing at the same stars

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