Monday, January 14, 2013

All Time Low

days when you literally feel like you can't breathe
you try to play the blame game,
blaming every possible person
blaming every possible event
blaming everything else,
but yourself

i find it hard to believe that you're no longer here
i still dream of days where it would be like
the days when nothing else would get in the way
because it was better, much better

most things don't work
and you think of All Time Low
by The Wanted
and you try singing every line

why do we feel like giving up?
and also why do we love the most controversial people?

i don't feel like working on anything
i'm not the strong-willed person you'll talk about
no, i am weak
i don't want to get up after i fall
i'd rather lie there,
just lie there and cry

i want to isolate myself
lock myself in a room
and never open the door again

maybe it's not failing that makes you want to give up,
maybe it's never succeeding in the things you try to do
it's being the average achiever,
the 'Jack of all trades, master of none'
though i would be fine with being a 'Jack Wilshere',
except that it's not really possible

but the whole point of realizing that you're weak,
is to know that in weakness,
God's strength is shown
and in His strength,
i can stand up,
i will stand up

it's days like these,
when i feel like giving up,
when i feel like giving in
it's days like these,
that make me see
the beauty of life
and the details of the picture God has painted for me
because i actually stop,
i stop and look at life,
at His masterpiece
and i'm so grateful for being God, as He is


see, i'm not copping out, not copping out
not copping out
& You're raising the dead in me

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