Wednesday, February 27, 2013


    On some days, making a choice will do you no harm. On other days, making a choice is very crucial. Which day are you in? Or rather, which day am I in?

    I wake up to the sound of my alarm in the morning. I have a choice, to wake up, or to go back to sleep. Most days, I choose to wake up. Then, I have a choice to make again. Whether to make a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea. I could go on and on about all the choices I have to make each day, but let's cut to the chase. Are all choices easy to make?

    In my humble opinion, this generation, my generation, is plagued with indecisiveness. Why do I say that? Because even choosing where to eat can be so difficult. I mean, what's so hard? Your choices are plainly, Indian food, Malay food, Chinese food, Western food, Italian food... So maybe that's a very wide variety. That could be the problem, having too many choices. Let's be real, how many teenagers can confidently tell you what they want to become in the future? I , for one, can't seem to recall anyone. All my friends tell me that they are not sure.

    What are most ideal choices in life? I suppose that the majority will say that success is the most ideal choice in life. But even to achieve success there are many choices to make. Choices are associated with questions. The answer to your question would have to be one of your choices. So, what is success? What does it mean to you? How can you achieve it? What means are you going to use to attain success? This is where the choices made are important. This is where human standards differ. This is where people start to compromise.

    I like the idea of success being associated with choices. For me, choices are the roads or paths that will take you to success. As a teen, our ideas and concepts of life constantly change. My idea of success was like the graph in the stock exchange market. It changes so frequently that at last, I had no idea what it really means. But one day, I managed to decide and finally pen it down. So , it was like painting a picture of success and being sure that this is the picture that will always mean it.

    The world associates success with sunshine. In other words, when you succeed, you are shining. For awhile, I thought this means that you have to be famous, or that you have to earn lots of money. But I decided what success means to me. My choice of words for success is 'to accomplish what God's purpose for my life is'. It no longer means to 'look good in the eyes of the world'.

    After some more thinking, I realized that there are still choices to be made. Like how I have to choose to do things the right way. Like how I should never lie and cheat my way to 'success', or compromise. Many have chosen the road to destruction. They fail to see the danger in it. They start choosing that it's okay to lie. Then they choose that stealing is okay too. Yes, you've guessed right, next, they are doing much bigger crimes because whatever choice you make, opens up a bigger choice. So sometimes, if you choose that stealing is okay, you may one day choose that robbing is also okay.

    Many great people in the past have made choices. Some made fatal choices, while others were better at making them. At the end of the day, I want to be able to say that 'I have chosen the road less taken, and that has made all the difference', because the road less taken is the seemingly tougher road, but it will make all the difference.

    Choices are roads in life. Roads that you have to choose. Nobody wants to make choices that are fatal or wrong. We all want to make the right choices. But really, who can always make the right choice? We will make a wrong choice every once in a while. That's the beauty of life, learning that one choice is wrong the hard way, hence making it easier to find the correct choice. In a sentence, choices are to be carefully made.

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