Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jonathan Khoo

turns 18!

happy 18th birthday, Khool-DDY-GanChan-Bassist!

Birthdays, what do they mean?
to me, it's a celebration, a celebration of the day you were born
celebrating the fact that you're well and alive today
celebrating the fact that you're my friend and that you made a whole lot of difference just by existing in my life

i guess birthdays wouldn't mean much if it's our own
we're all probably not used to 'celebrating' our own existence (HAHAHAHA)
but when it's a birthday of a very special friend,
it's important, it's of much value, it's a day worth celebrating

i really thank God that He sent you as a friend
i don't know if i ever told you,
but you were the ONLY ONE who was there in my time of need
2010, the year i felt very lost and alone

i remember how we first got close, it was through MSN if i'm not wrong, after ISCF '09
we didn't really have much to talk about, but we still talked anyway.
then in 2010, we both had problems of our own, and when you shared your problems to me, i finally found someone who can be a listening ear for me
and also, being in the same band for Youth Christmas Party that year! :D memories!

well, you were there for me at the time when i felt very lost and i am ever so grateful to God for you
don't ever underestimate your existence, because you've made a whole lot difference, not just in my life, but i believe in the lives of others too

cheers to the fact that we still can be friends despite our differences!
may you continue finding purpose in God and may the lessons you learn bring you closer to Him
continue shining for God in everything you do & never give up being a light in the lives of others!

all the best in the path God will lead you to in the near-future!

have a great year! :)

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