Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Forts Are These?

it's harder to say "i'm not okay, but i really don't wanna talk about it"
than "i'm alright"

because i feel like a fool when i show you my true emotions
i am sorry, i am only human
i wish i was able to not feel annoyed or irritated

why do we feel hurt when people don't call us for an outing?
i want a proper answer.

giving up, i've been saying that a lot
i don't feel like working on anything
but my emotions aren't my masters
i won't do what i feel like doing
i will do what i know i should

because when you rely on your own strength,
when you decide that you should settle all your problems alone,
that's when you get frustrated, irritated and mad
you're like a pail of water, trying to regenerate more water with your own water, which isn't going to work
you need to be connected to the Source of Life,
you need to rely and depend on God's strength
that's what i need to do
i need to constantly remind myself,
that i am not my own, for i have been made new

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