Friday, May 3, 2013

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have a nice day!


i think organizing your thoughts requires practice,
and as you can calculate, it's been [insert amount calculated] since my last blog post!
well it isn't exactly that long if you compare it to the other absences
i don't even know what's up with my English anymore

forgive me for wrong use of vocab or any other errors
and if my thoughts are being laid out too messy or improper


Little Things by One Direction (i hope i don't get unnecessary hits for mentioning it)
Reasons Why I Seem To Hate It :

i know Ed Sheeran wrote it, no disrespect to the incredible singer-songwriter at all but it's mostly due to One Directions overratedness{word does not exist}

mind you, i used to quite like 1D when WMYB was released, i don't exactly hate them,
but i think when boys have some kind of power to melt your heart with a song that has touchy lyrics, that's downright dangerous, man. isn't this what guys will do? sing you a lovely song, get you hooked, hold your heart in his hands and slowly crush it?

not being cynical and as you know, i'm not really that kind of person, but i can't help but just dislike this song and not want to hear it.

well a sudden thought occurred to me, maybe i'm afraid that i myself would fall for the song and its lyrics, that i am too weak to fight against my heart melting and believing that someone could love me like that.

is this a scar from the past?
is this a fear? is this me having been wounded some time ago?

well honestly, i would rather not wander too far into those thoughts. moving on,


Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
Reasons Why I Love The Lyrics :

it kinda feels like a song for weddings, right?
it kinda pictures weakness and strength
kinda like accepting the other persons flaws, helping them grow stronger and deal with themselves
kinda like being their pillar, holding them up so that they can be bigger than they already are

kinda like not noticing that this special someone has been doing so much for you,
cause they've been your mirror, your reflection, helping you in ways you never could see

i let this song melt my heart though
and sometimes i kinda wish someone would sing this song to me
no particular person
but i really do want to be a pillar for someone
in ways not obvious because at the end of the day,
loving someone is all about supporting them in ways needed

except that i've never really bothered to be a pillar for anyone.
all i cared about was me, myself and i.

i am weak and prone to be the me that i have always been

so selfish. so careless in building friendships.

but there's no use in dwelling on past mistakes, i'll look forward and pray that i can be someone who will be of support in times of need


not that complaining is strange to any of us,
not like i don't do it
but i don't see the point in complaining on Twitter about the current government/opposition/politicians or whatever not. yes, you can stand up to whatever corruption there is, but complaining is a whole different story. you don't accomplish anything.

we're all so pro at complaining, i don't understand your purpose for doing so (mind you, i'm not saying that i don't complain at all, so let's just say i'm complaining about myself too, shall we?)
especially about the ads on YouTube. so you can't skip it and it's downright annoying, SERIOUSLY, SO?!
come on, what happened to making the best out of every situation?
here's an example i thought of,
or you could just plainly laugh at the ads.

so let us see, by :

  • acting like an ad-critic, you actually improve your skills in criticism and you learn to approach annoying situations in a more positive manner
  • laughing at those ads, you become a more joyful person and you learn to see the funny in things!
  • complaining about the unskippable{word does not exist} ads, you.... ACCOMPLISH NOTHING!... oh kidding, you do, you accomplish passing on hate while encourage others to hate and complain with you. how negative! shame on you!

but then again, complaining about complainers nullifies my complaint.


leadership, clashing personalities and i

kinda like a sub top, you know? (sub topic if you still don't get it)

feeling the urge to explain this
so yeah, here i go,

i have never embraced leadership,
in fact, i tried my very best to always avoid it
i think i was born with opposing characteristics/traits(can't think of the right word now)

why people see a leader in me,
is because i was born with that aura and natural stance (not speaking highly of myself. to be honest, i wish i could do away with this)
when you put me in a group, i sometimes have the natural tendency to take control and set things my way
i naturally lay myself on the ground and want to act as a pillar to the group

why i am not the right leader at the end of the day,
just merely the tendency to be the leader won't make you a good leader
i have this in me where... i am easily discouraged, i dislike making decisions and i don't have enough drive to make things happen. i can also be a little annoyingly stubborn(not the right kind for a leader)

at the end of the day, it won't be about the vision you have, it's about making visions your mission and accomplishing it well, knowing how to dish out responsibilities to team members accordingly.

despite my fear and discomfort of being a leader, i can't avoid it forever, right?
i know.


3 interesting weekends lined up!

this weekend, Phil is back! board games tonight!
and of course, the upcoming elections
(i really wonder though, if i'll ever grow into talking about politics with such enthusiasm and knowledge like the people around me are. i do feel ignorant sometimes...)

next weekend, cousin coming back from US! pretty excited! :D

and then the weekend after that, a good friend is registering her marriage! happy occasion and lunch together! :)

alright. that's all from me for now. that felt pretty good.

God bless you all and stay safe :)
have a great month!

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