Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let me Not Forget, Because I Am So Prone To

let me not forget,
the little things, the everything
let me not forget

let me not forget,
all the times he's said
how much he loves me
what he feels because he's got me

let me not forget,
all the things he does
so very willingly
like nobody else would

let me not forget,
the way you always pamper me
cause apparently,
that's what children are for

let me not forget,
how my life is so simple,
so convenient,
because you are willing

let me not forget,
you've fetched me all around,
you've fetched all my friends around,
and even when you complain,
you still are willing to do it

let me not forget,
to love you
to cherish the times we have
to not take you for granted

i will always remember that time i almost lost you
that time we thought was up
that time i cried and cried, and will always cry remembering
and i thank God that He gave you more time
but i forget to pray,
to thank Him and to pray for you
and i'm sorry.

let me not forget,
to remember this great gift from God
for all the time invested in my life
by my father.

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