Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31 July 2013 9.05AM
Blogging in class now. Lecturer has some meeting, so she left us with some work. i do have some work to do, but i'm not really in the mood.
anyway, 74 hours 'til i board the bus back to Ipoh! super excited! especially with a few of my friends telling me that they miss me in the past few days! planned some outings already! :D
it's been at least 3 weeks since i've drove a car. i'm afraid i might have lost my 'skill' of driving. lol. kidding, i don't think it's lost, i think i just might need time to get used to driving again.
side stares. how similar. how they resemble.
things do get pretty stressful sometimes. when you're so used to a particular group of friends, and suddenly you have to get used to a whole different group of friends. mehh, that's hard. been talking bout the boat rocking hard. the storms have been very real and being alone doesn't make anything easier. ironically, all i want to do is be alone here, i want my space, i don't really want to get close to anybody sometimes. of course, things haven't been bitter all the way, they have been pretty sweet at times. a lot of times. don't get me wrong, i am extremely grateful for the way God has brought me here, He has even been my strength, sustaining me, to go through these tough times. and i suppose that these are the times where i have to learn to reach out just the same even when i can't feel Him. know that when i can't hear Him that He hears each word i pray.
i think i'm going shopping on Friday with the room mate! excited for that too cause of the exploring we're gonna do! :D then when i start packing, i'm gonna officially feel the excitement in my bones! the excitement of going back! :D
as i sit here, i feel so grateful that God has been with me through everything. for blessing me with amazing friends!
God bless you all and have a great day! :)

and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN! to the baby of the whole entire family! :)

Friday, July 26, 2013


the flower and the leaf,
the flower and the leaf.
have you ever been the flower?
i have always been the leaf.

being a flower means
being very pretty
being the leaf, on the other hand,
is being overshadowed by your flower friend

do you sometimes wish to be special?
to, for once, have someone look at you and think you're pretty?
pretty like a flower?
but what's wrong with being a leaf?

a leaf,
is green and pretty,
you might not immediately be noticed,
but when someone does,
it'll be worth it


random thoughts about the flower and the leaf
have a nice day!
go up to a flower, and notice its leaf! :)

God bless you!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello, if you didn't already know, i'm in Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Tun Hussein Onn, Batu Pahat, Johor! as you can guess from the name of my campus, i'm gonna be a teacher once i graduate!

i left Ipoh. my form 6 life, my gila cool friends, classmates, cool teachers, church, family and many other things i hold dear. the only thing i am happy about is that i'm going to be a teacher, and i get to escape studying form 6! but of course, things aren't gonna be easy here. assignments, presentations, coursework... they're all gonna be very tough. nothing comes easy, i can't always complain about having so much to do.

anyway, God has really been working in amazing and miraculous ways. all the little details of being here worked out really well. most of the stuff has been very smooth! my room mate is from Ipoh, she's from the same course and is really nice! we have a friend who's local, so we follow her to church on Sundays! classmates are fun, lecturers are mostly interesting!

i do miss home of course. like a lot. really. but i'll be back during Raya! 11 days! :D

God bless you!


Some conversations are so lame, it deserves to be recorded...

Akmal: Andy, are you coming with us or are you going on a stroll in the park with Constance?
Me: Mana ada park kat sini?
Emir: Adaaaa, Park Ji-sung, No 'Park'ing...