Wednesday, July 31, 2013

31 July 2013 9.05AM
Blogging in class now. Lecturer has some meeting, so she left us with some work. i do have some work to do, but i'm not really in the mood.
anyway, 74 hours 'til i board the bus back to Ipoh! super excited! especially with a few of my friends telling me that they miss me in the past few days! planned some outings already! :D
it's been at least 3 weeks since i've drove a car. i'm afraid i might have lost my 'skill' of driving. lol. kidding, i don't think it's lost, i think i just might need time to get used to driving again.
side stares. how similar. how they resemble.
things do get pretty stressful sometimes. when you're so used to a particular group of friends, and suddenly you have to get used to a whole different group of friends. mehh, that's hard. been talking bout the boat rocking hard. the storms have been very real and being alone doesn't make anything easier. ironically, all i want to do is be alone here, i want my space, i don't really want to get close to anybody sometimes. of course, things haven't been bitter all the way, they have been pretty sweet at times. a lot of times. don't get me wrong, i am extremely grateful for the way God has brought me here, He has even been my strength, sustaining me, to go through these tough times. and i suppose that these are the times where i have to learn to reach out just the same even when i can't feel Him. know that when i can't hear Him that He hears each word i pray.
i think i'm going shopping on Friday with the room mate! excited for that too cause of the exploring we're gonna do! :D then when i start packing, i'm gonna officially feel the excitement in my bones! the excitement of going back! :D
as i sit here, i feel so grateful that God has been with me through everything. for blessing me with amazing friends!
God bless you all and have a great day! :)

and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN! to the baby of the whole entire family! :)

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