Saturday, September 28, 2013


(*challenges myself to actually finish this post)

because it takes a lot of inspiration to make me feel determined to actually finish up a blogpost!


which can i cross?
which have i crossed?
what are the risks?

there are lines i know i shouldn't cross
there are consequences, i realize
and yet there seems to be a thrill
in going to the other side

and at the end of the day,
when i'm afraid,
is not that my heart will break,
i don't want to break a heart

i know we can't make anything out of this
but how do i distance myself from it?
how do i keep things as simple as possible?
how do i not complicate our emotions and feelings?

God, i don't know what to do
and even when the solution is quite clear,
but i have no will to,
please be my strength and give me wisdom
to deal with trials You bring me to graciously
to be all that You want me to be


so much i intend to say
so much i want to let out
but then again, as always, i can't find the right words
the right words to blur out the direct meaning
the right words that say enough about what i'm going through

anyhow, God has been, is, always will be amazing
His grace is enough for me
and the lessons He teaches me are humbling.

take me to deeper waters, God

have a great Sunday, a great week, and God bless you! :)

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