Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cili Padi (Love Is?)

tak nak bagi cili padi to siapa-siapa (Translated: not trying to direct this specifically to anyone)
but certain things trigger my brain to think
and i seem to have a hobby of thinking particularly about relationship-related issues

but, how can someone be so sure it's love?
(please, i am not directing this to anyone. don't terasa. i'm not condemning anyone. give me space to think)
after 5 years, and i can't even decide whether what i felt was real or just made up
even after 5 years, i am still uncertain whether or not it is love

how then can one be so sure after their first meeting, few weeks of talking, few months of dating, half a year of relationship(where sparks wildly fly) that it is love?
that the person you 'fell in love with' is someone you can never live without (if you don't try, you won't know)
what are words, really?

again, i stress, love is so much more than just feelings and emotions
you can feel so much, you can say so much, you can promise so much
but is that it?

is love a boat?
let's picture love as a boat
2 people come together and want to build a boat together
they claim to love,
and what is this claiming?
it's talking about how they want the boat to look like
they may even draw out the plan for the boat
calculate the costs(though usually inaccurately)
buy the materials
but if you don't actually get your hands dirty, build the boat,
then it isn't love
your 'love' is all talk

have you heard them say that love is a verb?
love isn't something you merely feel
it is a commitment
love isn't just during good times
like how your boat isn't just good when it is on calm, pretty waters
your boat has to be able to withstand the storms
cause storms are inevitable
and if you don't build a boat that's gonna last the storm,
it's not gonna work
your boat's gonna crash, you're gonna sink, maybe get shipwrecked
and do you blame the boat?
do you blame the other person?
do you blame the inaccurate calculations?
do you blame the materials used to build the boat?

i conclude that,
you don't fall in love
love is something you've got to build
and if you want it to be all pretty and beautiful,
think of the boat
you've got to work for the boat to be pretty and beautiful

people tell me that the word 'love' is being taken so lightly these days
it's being thrown around like it doesn't matter
but our hormones, our feelings, our emotions,
they make us believe(and we foolishly do) that we actually are in love

i don't think we can know for sure that we 'cannot live without' a certain someone until we try

that's just what i think
and i don't even know why i'm thinking about all this

and after talking about it a little with one of my friends,
i realise that we can't always be so sure bout everything in life
we've got to go with the flow sometimes and let life surprise us
God has it all planned out for us anyway
so planning every little detail by ourselves, worrying about everything is absolutely unnecessary!

(and i also realise that we should talk and discuss about our thoughts and ideas. it generates further thoughts and ideas!)


okay, i meant to just type up a few lines
look how long the post is!

okay goodbye
i hope you have a great weekend!

God bless you!

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serene said...

Interesting post.. I agree with you. I've been thinking a lot about this as well... Hope we can talk soon!

Love is definitely commitment, it is a choice.

All words and no actions to back it up is cheap. Anyone can do that.

Good post! :)