Thursday, October 3, 2013

What We Gonna Be

been so long since i felt this way
and i'm trying not to make things worse
i'm trying not to go further
i think i see where this is going
it's the same thing

.. okay maybe it isn't
but it's the same joy
that will lead to the same consequences
the same innocent start
the same feelings developing
one thing new,
is the lesson i've learnt
to know where this is going
to actually realise what i'm driving into
but still, i let it be
i don't bother trying to let go
i don't even bother trying to leave
and even so i'm not sure where this will go

i keep my hopes alive
i keep my hopes unbroken
i wish for this to stay the same
to not get complicated
but anything involving emotions
will never be all that simple

and i wonder
how are feelings like this ever right?
how does anyone ever find the balance?
and the famous 'where do we go from here?'
so many questions
some i may never get the answer to
but God, i look to You
i'm sorry for all the times i'm selfish
for doing the things i know i shouldn't
and failing to do what i know i should

i pray for strength and wisdom
to deal with whatever You bring me to
and to learn from each trial You bring me through

i find peace when i'm confused
i find hope when i'm let down
not in me, in You

i look to You


how can i decide what's right?
when you're clouding up my mind

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