Saturday, November 9, 2013

These Tears Always Win

8 years, i believe
and i still find it amazing how we linked up
to make this group
i was always there, but i never personally roped anyone into the group

i remember how quiet she was
she never said much
never got involved in our drama
but i remember getting my own cellphone
we used to talk for hours
not even sure what we talked about
i remember you being in love with Colbie Caillat
you pestered me to buy her album for you
but we were eleven, or twelve
i didn't have the money
neither did you :)

remember the brothers we used to like?
that was drama, man
we actually betrayed her
you liked the guy who liked her
and i liked the guy she liked
dude, we were what, 11? 12?
what were we thinking?
hahahah i will always laugh thinking about all the times we went to that padang

then we went to secondary school
we part ways with some of our primary school friends
but most of us were still together
and we found great additions too (Leena, Nishal, Carmen)
we did the weirdest stuff
got into trouble maybe
went through the girly phase together
i remember lots of window shopping, camwhoring, singing to our favourite songs, nail polish
and to think of it,
we were the queens of Jusco :)

form 2, 3, 4, 5 in the same class
deskmates in form 4 and 5
we had our arguments
my oversensitivity
but nothing beats the good memories

form 2 and 3, the six of us
we came up with the stupidest stories
said the craziest stuff
laughed at the weirdest things
ended up being the favourites in the class anyway
we shined, bright like diamonds

form 4 and 5
okay now if i think of it,
we weren't exactly deskmates in form 4
i sat with Shuana and you sat with Karin and Kogkila!
our daily dose of comedy
i'm sorry bout all those times
i gave you the silent treatment
making you the victim of my moodswings
thank you for never getting sick of me
thank you for being there
thank you for letting me watch over you
it felt good being able to go through whatever tough times you were going through
i remember feeling so ready to stab anyone who hurt you in the eyeballs in my dreams hehehe

i could make a whole list of things i'm sorry for
and you would tell me that i don't need to be sorry
thank you for always believing in me
for always loving me for who i am
(this goes out to the rest of the group too. thank you all)
i couldn't have gotten any bigger with anyone else beside of me
you all have been my pillars throughout the years
i would have crumbled if you all didn't stand beside me through it all

now that you're leaving,
it feels weird
it feels funny
we didn't have to part ways
only Renu and i had to leave
the rest of you were back in Perak
it would be easy to piece us back together
and now you have to go to Shah Alam
i'm not sure why, i'm afraid that it's gonna be much harder to bring us all back together
but i also believe
that our friendship is too strong,
too strong to break
we'll have the main holidays
we will have reunions

and i wish you all the best
because you deserve all the best things in life
and i hope you never think that you are less than what you are
cause you are amazing

i will miss you
how you never fail to talk about Bruno Mars and mention him
how you always are in love with hot girls
how you always interrupt my stories with the weirdest comments
because it means you actually pay attention to my stories
how you always listened to me without complaining
how you always assured me that i was a good friend
you've been a great friend
and i hope you get great friends at UiTM
even if you don't, just be a great friend to everyone cause that's just who you are

i'm not even sure why i feel so emotional right now
it could be a combination of many reasons
the weather, it rained.
the toads are 'singing'.
i'm not back home in Ipoh.
i won't get to see you even when i get back to Ipoh.
you're leaving.
you've grown up.
i don't get to be overprotective over you anymore.

but no,
i'm proud, i really am
go there and do your best
screw what they say
make your own genre of writing
cause your writings are so beautiful
i'm so proud of you

take good care of yourself, okay
i'll come visit you whenever i can!
i love you, Khalee!

p/s. and i will always remember how you always punched my arm when you're bored and ... you know la what you do to kacau me hahaha

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