Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Gonna Write you A Love Song

my playlist consists of
songs that evoke so much emotion
songs that throw me back to the past
my playlist is a time machine

some songs make me smile
but most times,
the smiles are sad
other times,
i feel very happy
with the songs that i have

and even with this time machine,
i can only revisit the past
not mend it,
not change it,
not do anything about it.

and then there are songs of hope
hope that crashed and burned
they remind me of
everything that never happened
everything that could have been

fears and wants.
fears of a song i might have to sing
fears of the heartbreak happening
wants of a song to be sung to me
wants of the love for me to keep

i've let so many people go
some for the better
some, i'm not sure
i let them be the one that got away
i never chase anyone
because eventually,
it won't be worth it

there are songs
that reminds me of people
and makes me miss them
i cannot run away
from all the emotions i don't wanna face
because they are in the music
they are everywhere

but i refuse to fret
because these tears are a sign that i feel
that i have loved
and hopefully, been loved

these memories,
they are my souvenirs
they are what keeps me alive
they are proof that i am still living

so i close my eyes and go back in time
i can see you smiling, you're so alive
i close my eyes and go back in time
you were just a child then, and so was i
we were so young, we had no fear,
we were so young, we had no idea
that nothing lasts forever

i wouldn't trade it for anything,
my souvenirs

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