Wednesday, April 23, 2014


it felt okay,
it felt good
to call my dad and cry
and be upset about little things

it felt good to have him ask me
why i'm crying
and tell me that i shouldn't cry for such little things

i told him that it's unfair
he told me that the world isn't black and white
it's grey
and normally, i would get more upset that he didn't understand that i can be sensitive
it felt okay
because i was being petty
i was being overly sensitive
i was wrong
and i admit that i was wrong for feeling such things
i was being so selfish

it was comforting at the end
that my dad told me all those stuff

my dad is probably gonna tell my mum
i wonder what my mum would think?
she's never really said anything when she saw me cry
or maybe i don't remember

but at the end of the day,
i realise how i let petty things get to me
i could blame it on PMS
but i guess i won't
i have always been like this

having someone who can tell me that i'm wrong
and i can feel totally okay about it
it doesn't hurt
in fact it feels better

yup, my heart is back home
i need time away from these people
it's not everyone
just certain people
and yeah
i hope i won't be bitter


i crave silence
why on planet earth do we have to have small talk?
this getting annoyed with small talk, i blame on the PMS

kinda wish people would leave me alone

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