Sunday, July 6, 2014


the drizzle started to fall
and i had to go back in to get my umbrella
as i stepped out again,
it felt like a funeral in the movies
the rain was fresh and i could smell it strong
the ground was still warm,
but the winds were not calm
but my umbrella was yellow
and i figured that it couldn't be
that i was in a funeral like the movies

i went to the cafeteria
for dinner, for food
i haven't exactly been looking forward to this meal
i dreaded the food and its lack of variety
i tried to be thankful, but i found myself complaining
and then i found rice, fried with cabbage
although not fantastic, it was good, for a change
my taste buds were beaming at the different tastes
there was even potato wedges again

and i'm not sure what caused this outburst of poem
but i'm really grateful for the little i get to enjoy
i'm grateful for the weekend, for being able to walk
and ultimately, being able to be in the house of the Lord
as always, there's peace when i'm in His presence
and it's always been a joy to worship in congregation
i thank Him for strength when i've been unable
i thank Him for grace when i've been down under

i start to make no sense,
but let this be known
that the Lord is my God in whom i'm made whole


i'll be back in Ipoh in about 17 days. God has been opening my eyes to the works of His hands

if my heart has grown cold, there Your love will unfold
as You open my eyes to the work of Your hands
and my heart will find praise, i'll delight in Your way

God bless you!

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