Sunday, September 7, 2014

Restless - Switchfoot

Restless by Switchfoot would best explain what i'm feeling right now
thoughts are in a mess
i have much to say
but not much time
to sit, to waste


i am the thorn stuck in your side
i am the one that you left behind
i am the dried up, doubting eyes
looking for the well that won't run dry


like i don't belong
like this world is all i cling on
like i know exactly what's wrong

i don't
want to be the person
i've always feared to be
to run away from my everything


we are Hosea's wife
we are squandering this life
using people like ladders and words like knives

i am Hosea's wife,
i am squandering this life
i use people like ladders and words like knives


All Time Low by The Wanted also seems like the case right now
except the line, "praying won't do it"
because going back to God is what i do
and it's what liberates me from the normalities of this world.
(normalities isn't a word, is it?)


the new semester, being my first semester officially in degree, has been somewhat crazy
(precision of language, please [The Giver reference, ignore])
it started of somewhat calm and free
and then the assignments piled on
paired with holidays
and then the drive to complete them being at approximately 0.01%
we've felt the rush of 2 assignments, 3 assignments due on the same day
most due dates were pushed back and we were allowed to breathe a sigh of relief
because even when i completed my assignments, i wasn't sure if they were up to par

nevertheless, i thank God for bringing me through
for being my strength,
for giving me grace.
i honestly do not know how i could have make it this far


well yeah, i can't fully express myself right now
i've got work to do
hopefully i'll find the time(and get in the mood) to blog during the 1 week break next week
counting down to being home kills me softly
i really want to be home right now

God bless you!

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