Thursday, October 9, 2014


i'm not sure where to start,
not really sure how
i feel like i'm in a daze
but the fear is pretty loud

i'm not sure how i can
how i feel so much
i'm not sure if i can
if i can lead this bunch across

it's like i'm in a river
and all my baggage are tied
they're tied to me and i tied them pretty tight
i rolled them up to be one whole big lump
but now i'm heading towards the sea and they've all fallen down

i'm heading for the ocean
but i'm not sure what for
i guess it kinda seems like that's where i can find an oar

do you ever feel and realise that you hate what you feel
and try to hide it with a similar other feel
emotions can wear you down
but you're not sure why
it's like something's sucking the life of you out

[unfinished but i thought i'd just post it. well God bless you!]

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