Thursday, February 26, 2015

Silent Siren

"Her eyes were screaming, "Don't fall in love with me!"
I couldn't help but wonder if they were genuine"

Is this in my head? I don't know what to think

Well, if love was a beam, you'd be blind in both eyes


is she gonna hurt you?
will she let you in then kick you out?
is the high worth the pain?
will giving her the key to your heart be worth it in the end?

i want to scream,
i want to warn you,
send you signal lights
so you back off
and don't fall off the cliff

but i'm not sure,
i'm not sure if that'll help you
i often let the over-analysis of my feelings
get in the way of caring for you

sometimes, certain things happen to certain people
so that they can learn a lesson
so sometimes, we shouldn't prevent certain things from happening to certain people
because that might stop their growth or development as a person

at the end of the day,
i'm glad for closed doors
the certainty of it
instead of the uncertainty

there are things that i still have to learn
God is still teaching me how to love
a love independent of human intentions
and i'm grateful, glad.


the laid back part of the semester is fast passing by
we've reached the part where the work load is heavy
there's lots to do
and to actually have responsibilities beyond my grades is a strange but inevitable thing
as always, i'm not very sure of how i'll make it through this semester
times seem to get tougher
no work or subject seems to be getting easier
but Christ is enough for me
He will be all that i need

"For by You i can run against a troop, by my God i can leap over a wall" Psalm 18:29

God bless you!

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