Friday, October 9, 2015

The Void and Regret

Emptiness is nothingness. It shouldn’t hurt, you shouldn’t feel a thing from nothingness but emptiness is different. It is born of void and void creates a vacuum. If you don’t seal it up, it sucks you up and you are rendered helpless to the feeling at that moment.

My regrets are the same. My regrets are nothing new. I resolve to do something, which at that moment seems to be a great idea, and then I cannot help but feel so foolish after accomplishing the said ‘great idea’. It is the same process over and over and over again. I cannot begin to understand how I can feel such courage whilst being so fearful of regret.

(There’s a longer story to this but I’m too tired/not motivated enough to continue. I’ll continue, I’ll tell you about it someday.)

I’d love like I’m not scared,
Give when it’s not fair.
Live my life for another,
Take time for a brother.
Fight for the weak ones,
Speak up for freedom.”

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