Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Momentum of a Fast Train

it was like we were on a train

it was a normal day
and train rides were my favourite thing
it became a normal thing
but that day i found magic from a random encounter


it was a fast train
and conversations were like the wind
it looked like we were heading south
but i didn't expect it to go on a different rail

after awhile, i suspected so
the train was fast
and we were slow
i knew where we were heading
and i couldn't go
so i had to hastily jump off before it could grow

and further it went
i missed the wind
the train was gone
it left me, or i left it

inertia was still in my veins
and i had to go down to the station again

the walk was long
i got on a train
now i am alone
and it doesn't feel so okay


like a professional runner
that cannot continue running in illegal races
because those were the wildest
it wasn't wrong
it wasn't official
but we knew that it'd be bad for us

so i retired
from professional running
unsure if i could feel the wind in my face
and like that, i missed the momentum
i missed having an aim and a finish line
i missed having a purpose in life

i try to run
but it eerily feels the same
the dirt, the cheers
are they all just in my head?

and until i find a new competition
or a new race
i will still think of that very day

was it the rain?
the storm?
the thunder?
it was right above us
and i suppose the danger is what lured us