Wednesday, June 8, 2016


a failure
too sheltered,
too vulnerable to be able to protect her

you act so strong
but you're so weak
you've spoke with such confidence,
such strength at heart
like you were gonna win the war
before you start to fight

i've been questioning
if i was wrong
or what did i ever do that was never right
but i realise that it isn't what i've done
but that i'll never amount to enough

so naive, young and vile
you speak as if you're meant to die
you look down on all,
and yourself even
you realise that you're weak,
and prone to be,
'the me that i will always be'

you give up because
you're not strong enough
but in the process,
you're telling God that He isn't enough
that He is unable to make things right

oh you of little faith

it's not fair to speak on behalf of others
but no one will tell you what it is really,
so you imagine the worst


this was never meant to last
i wish it wasn't so


so many things i want to say
but i'm not sure if it's fair to say it
i speak as if my problems are so big
as if my feelings are so irrational
it's not fair to people who have bigger problems and deserve to speak of it

but it's also not fair to disregard my problems as petty
a problem is a problem is a problem
as are feelings
i don't know where i'm getting with this
but i'm sorry
i'm sorry for all the times i've disregarded the feelings of others
like they don't mean a thing
because everything means something to us personally
and that's all that matters

God, i look to You
it's difficult
i can't seem to set sight on You as long as i'd like
but Your love never runs out on me
may i never lose this wonder