Friday, October 14, 2016

A Wave in the Ocean

human beings are able to adapt.

the place we grew up in is our natural habitat.

somewhere between the age of 16-21 years, a human gets thrown into a different habitat.
they are forced to adapt and live in the new place whether they like it or not.

sooner or later, they grow comfortable. or maybe they don't. i don't know.
but the longer you stay in a place, the more tolerant you are towards your surrounding.
you even grow to like or become fond of the things you have around you. you begin to like the new place.
but then maybe you get pushed out a little. you start to live without what you were given and realise that you might not actually need it or like it as much.
so drifting apart occurs.

as we grow, things don't get any simpler.
they get more complex.
we think of things we never used to think about.
things that don't matter start to matter.
we start coming to our own conclusions,
leaving things unsaid
because we think we know better

trying becomes so scary because there's a whole world of possibilities
we feel so small, so insignificant
like a drop or a wave in the ocean

but little do we know, that without that drop or that wave in the ocean
the ocean is less
and to be a part of that ocean,
even if just a drop or a wave,
is to be a part of something whole

and that is the beauty of creation

God leaves no creation alone and meaningless

note: this post wasn't meant to be scientific in any way at all. pardon me if there were any factual misinterpretations/misconceptions